Unistellar eQuinox 2 with Backpack

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A game changer for urban astronomers

Discover the Deep Sky & the Solar System

Enhanced Vision Technology utilizes image stacking and live image processing techniques to provide a truly unique viewing experience of outer space.

By optimizing the images captured live by the telescope, this technology allows for unparalleled views of the cosmos.

Reveal the hidden colours and details of galaxies and nebulae : Explore the captivating colours of the Dumbbell Nebula or the vastness of the Sculptor galaxy.

Observe the wonders of our solar system : See for yourself the great red spot of Jupiter and its coloured bands or Saturn’s rings.

Eagle Nebula

Eagle Nebula : Captured by Unistellar Telescope

Distance: 7,000 light years

Sculptor Galaxy : Captured by Unistellar Telescope

Distance: 11.42 million light years

Jupiter & its moons : Captured by Unistellar Telescope

Note : The Great Red Spot visible



See the cosmos from the heart of the city

The eQuinox 2 is an innovative smart telescope that brings the wonders of space within reach, even in brightly lit urban areas. Its Deep Dark Technology uses advanced image processing to filter out the effects of city lights, allowing for clear, high-resolution images of celestial objects. With the eQuinox 2, you can see the stunning blue and red hues of the Ring Nebula or the red spot of Jupiter, even from the heart of the city.


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NGC 891 - Before Deep Dark TechnologyNGC 891 - After Deep Dark Technology

Made from high-end materials
Designed in France.

Elegant design
Meteor grey.

Premium Tripod

Prepare to be amazed
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Take control of your stargazing journey

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a cosmic command centre with the Unistellar app. Easily access and observe thousands of space objects from our in-app catalogue with just a single click and get detailed information about each of your chosen targets.

Our technology eliminates the need for expertise in complex instruments, making space exploration accessible to all.

Effortlessly unlock the wonders of space with our user-friendly technology.

  • Automated Go-To function
  • 5,000+ objects to choose from
  • Exclusive information about Nebulae, Galaxies, planets, Clusters, Stars …
  • Joystick to explore freely
  • Snap & Share pictures

… And much more


Start observing within a few minutes

Enjoy the click-and-wow telescope : in just one minute, the eQuinox 2 is unpacked and at work, a minute later you could be observing the Whirlpool galaxy in full color and detail.

Our Autonomous Field Detection technology allows it to quickly orient itself in the sky, even when only a few stars are visible. Using your smartphone’s GPS, it can locate itself on Earth and access its own database of millions of stars. With this technology, the telescope can spot stars that are not visible to the naked eye and compare their positions to its database to accurately determine its pointing location.


Contribute to cutting-edge research

By partnering up with renowned scientific organizations such as the SETI Institute and NASA, the eQuinox 2 enables you to participate in ground breaking research on exoplanets, asteroids, comets, and much more.

As part of the Unistellar Community – the largest global community of observers made up of 10,000 telescope users – you’ll get to collaborate with experienced users and professional astronomers.

Directly observe and contribute to key space missions, just like our users did in 2022 with NASA’s Lucy and DART missions.

Unistellar eQuinox 2 with Backpack

£2,049.00 £2,399.00 14% Off