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Unistellar Odyssey PRO Smart Telescope

Unistellar Odyssey PRO Smart Telescope


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Discover the Universe with Unistellar Odyssey PRO Smart Telescope

Embark on an unparalleled journey through the cosmos with the Unistellar Odyssey PRO Smart Telescope, a masterpiece crafted for the modern astronomer. Merging Nikon's high-precision optics with innovative technologies, this telescope offers an immersive stargazing experience that's both accessible and advanced.

Features That Set the Odyssey PRO Apart:

  • Nikon High Precision Optics: Experience unmatched clarity and detail in every celestial observation.
  • Stellar AutoFocus & Multi-Depth Technology: Automatically adjust focus for crystal-clear views of distant galaxies, stars, and planets.
  • Nikon EYEPIECE Technology: Dive deeper into the night sky with enhanced viewing comfort and precision.
  • Dynamic Signal Amplification & Optical Digital Hybrid: Amplify faint signals for vivid, detailed views of deep-sky objects.
  • Deep Dark Technology: Penetrate the mysteries of the cosmos with technology designed to enhance your view of the darkest skies.
  • Smart Star Finder & Unistellar App: Easily locate and learn about celestial objects with our intuitive app, available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Citizen Science: Join a global community of astronomers contributing to real scientific discoveries.

Technical Specifications:

  • Celestial & Star Database: Access over 5000 celestial objects and 37 million stars.
  • Optical Details: 85mm mirror diameter, 320mm focal length, and a f/3.9 focal ratio for wide, clear views.
  • Visibility & Mount: Achieve a limiting magnitude of 17.2 with a motorized Alt-Az mount.
  • Portability & Power: Lightweight design (telescope weight: 4kg, tripod weight: 2.5kg) with 5-hour battery autonomy and 64 Gb storage.

What’s Included in Your Odyssey PRO Package:

  • ODYSSEY Pro Telescope: Your gateway to exploring the vastness of space.
  • Original Unistellar Tripod: Sturdy and reliable support for your celestial observations.
  • Protection and Maintenance: Dust cap, eyepiece cover, and a set of adjustment tools to keep your telescope in prime condition.
  • Power Solutions: Charger with adapter for uninterrupted exploration.
  • Documentation & App Access: Everything you need to start your journey, including detailed instructions and access to our iOS & Android app.

Start Your Stellar Journey Today

With the Unistellar Odyssey PRO Smart Telescope, you're not just observing the night sky; you're immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe. Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or a curious beginner, the Odyssey PRO is your ticket to breathtaking celestial adventures. Join the Dark Clear Skies family and unlock the secrets of the cosmos.

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