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Pegasus Astro Uranus Meteo Sensor: A Must-Have Device for Astronomy Enthusiasts

The Uranus Meteo Sensor is a small but powerful device that can measure and display various environmental and astronomical data that are essential for observing and photographing the night sky. With this device, you can:

  • Compare the sky brightness at different sites or document the light pollution in your area
  • Monitor the cloud coverage, sky temperature, and cloud height of your night sky
  • Check the ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, dew point, and altitude of your location
  • See the moon phase, moon age, and astronomical twilight time
  • Get accurate date and time, latitude and longitude, bearing, and speed from the GPS receiver
  • Store and export sensor data to your PC or laptop via USB
  • Output GPS data to compatible devices via GPS port
  • Access different menus and settings with two buttons on the top of the device
  • Choose between imperial or metric system display via the Unity platform software
  • Use the device as a handheld device or mount it on your telescope or observatory
  • Recharge the device via USB-C port

The Uranus Meteo Sensor is housed in a high-quality, blue aluminium anodized shell that is durable and stylish. It also supports ASCOM 6 Observing Conditions and can display metrics to imaging software such as N.I.N.A. or SGPro.

The device comes with a silicon protective case and a USB type C cable. It is compatible with 10Micron mounts (extra cable required SKU: PEG-URANUS-10MCORD) which also transmit temperature and pressure readouts.

If you are looking for a device that can help you plan and optimize your astronomy sessions and capture stunning images of the night sky, look no further than the Uranus Meteo Sensor. Order yours today and enjoy the wonders of the universe!

    Uranus Meteo Sensor

      On Screen Display Menus


      Unity Platform

      Unity Platform allows monitoring and keeping a record of sensor data from day or night. Zoomable and exportable graphs keep a historic record of every observing session.

      In the Box

      1 x Uranus Meteo Sensor

      1 x Silicon Protective Case

      1 x USB type C cable

      Uranus Meteo Sensor