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Vaonis Vespera Compact Astronomy Tripod - Extendable for Uneven Terrain

Vaonis Vespera Compact Astronomy Tripod - Extendable for Uneven Terrain


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Ascend to stellar viewing with the Vaonis Vespera Adjustable Tripod, your quintessential companion for stargazing on any terrain. Expertly crafted for adaptability, this extendable tripod provides a solid foundation for the Vespera observation station, ensuring flawless stability on the most challenging grounds. Navigate the great outdoors and effortlessly surmount common obstacles like walls or shrubbery with its 30 cm elevation capability.

The lightweight and compact design of the Vespera Tripod redefine portability, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly, perfect for astronomers on the move. Weighing just 620 grams, it's a breeze to carry, fitting seamlessly into your Vespera backpack. Augment your astronomical adventures with the Easy Lock plate*, a revolutionary add-on that streamlines the setup process, granting you more time to indulge in the cosmic spectacle.

Experience the fusion of functionality and elegance with the Vespera Adjustable Tripod, and transform rugged terrains into your personal observatory. It's not just a tripod; it's an upgrade to your celestial journey.

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