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Vixen AP Photoguider

Vixen AP Photoguider


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Vixen AP Photoguider

The AP Photo Guider is an exceptionally portable Star Tracker designed for capturing long-exposure astrophotographs with ease. Offering the precision of the AP mount in a more transportable format, it's an ideal choice for astrophotographers on the move.

Equipped with the STAR BOOK ONE controller, the AP Photo Guider ensures meticulous tracking over extended exposure periods, making it perfect for capturing the stunning details of the night sky through larger telephoto lenses. The STAR BOOK ONE controller is versatile, offering various tracking speeds suitable for solar and lunar photography, along with advanced features like backlash compensation and periodic error correction (PEC).

For enhanced tracking precision, especially during long exposures, the STAR BOOK ONE includes an Autoguider input. Additionally, achieving precise polar alignment is simplified with the innovative polar finder scope. Aligning two reference stars with the reticle's markings eliminates the need for complex hour angle adjustments.

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Key Features:

  • Motors: Includes R.A. Motor module and the STAR BOOK ONE controller for precise tracking.
  • Load Capacity: Capable of supporting up to 6 kg for astrophotography setups.
  • Tripod: Comes with the APP-TL130 tripod, designed for stability.
  • RA/DEC Mechanism: Features worm gears with 140 teeth for smooth movements.
  • Axes: Both RA and DEC axes are crafted from aluminum alloy, each 59 mm in diameter.
  • Adjustments: Azimuth can be finely adjusted by 1.4 degrees per rotation, with latitude settings ranging from 0-65 degrees.
  • Motor: Powered by a stepper motor for consistent and reliable operation.

Included in the Package:

  • Vixen AP Photo Guider
  • APP TL 130 Tripod for stable support
  • STARBOOK ONE Controller for advanced tracking capabilities
  • Polar Axis Scope PFL-II for straightforward polar alignment

Technical Specifications:

  • Color: Sleek black/white design
  • Materials: Constructed from durable aluminum and metal
  • Weight: Lightweight at just 2400 g (without accessories)

The Vixen AP Photo Guider is the astrophotographer's dream tool, combining portability with advanced functionality to enable the capture of breathtaking celestial images. Whether you're aiming to photograph distant galaxies or the moon's craters, this Star Tracker is your gateway to exploring the wonders of the universe.

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