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Vixen AP-SM Mount with RA Motor Module and Star Book One Controller

Vixen AP-SM Mount with RA Motor Module and Star Book One Controller


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The AP-SM Mount: A Superior Evolution of the AP Mount for Astronomy Enthusiasts

The AP-SM mount stands as a refined version of the AP mount, introducing significant enhancements for a more advanced astronomical observation experience. Distinguished by its inclusion of an RA motor, the AP-SM is operated with the sophisticated STARBOOK ONE controller, setting a new benchmark for precision and ease of use.

Designed for stability and versatility, the AP mount provides robust support for telescopes, featuring a slip clutch mechanism for rapid and effortless targeting. The ADVANCED POLARIS mount, with its array of optional accessories, is perfectly suited for both novice and seasoned astronomers seeking a portable and reliable mount for their exploratory ventures.

Elegant and User-Friendly Design

The AP mount is characterized by its sleek, unobstructed finish, allowing for seamless telescope placement and adjustment to any celestial object without the fuss of loosening clamps. This design prioritizes convenience and functionality, ensuring a smooth observation experience.

Efficient Polar Alignment

Adjusting the telescope to pinpoint celestial objects becomes hassle-free with the mount's slip clutches, eliminating the need to fumble for adjustment clamps in low light conditions. For those in obstructed viewing areas, an optional polar meter aids in locating the celestial pole, enhancing the precision of your setup.

Innovative Polar Finder Scope

Achieve precise polar alignment with the optional polar finder scope, utilizing a three-star reference system for accuracy. The illuminated reticle simplifies the alignment process, with automatic shutoff after three minutes to conserve battery life.

Reliable Power Options

The RA and DEC motors are efficiently powered by four AA batteries (alkaline, Ni-MH, or Ni-CD) and include a USB Micro-B port on the RA motor module for external power sources, like USB power packs or car chargers, facilitating extended observation sessions.

Intuitive STARBOOK ONE Controller

The STARBOOK ONE controller enhances your observational capabilities with multifunctional tracking across the RA and DEC axes at various speeds, catering to time-lapse photography and celestial tracking with sidereal, lunar, and solar rates. Additional features include backlash compensation, an autoguider port, periodic error correction (PEC), and a built-in red LED light for night-time operation.

Features at a Glance:

  • Worm Wheels: 58.4 mm diameter gear wheel with 140 teeth for both R.A. and DEC.
  • Adjustments: Azimuth and altitude adjustments with twin screws.
  • Ball Bearings: Seven for smooth movement.
  • Polar Finder: Optional, for enhanced alignment.
  • Motor: Equipped with an RA stepper motor.
  • Tracking: Managed by STARBOOK ONE, supporting up to 60x slewing.
  • Power: USB Micro-B for versatile power solutions.
  • Counterweight Bar: 20 mm diameter.

Included in the Package:

  • AP-SM Mount
  • 1.0 kg Counterweight
  • STARBOOK ONE Controller

The AP-SM mount is the ideal choice for astronomers who demand high performance, precision, and ease of use in their celestial explorations. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced observer, this mount offers the perfect combination of portability, functionality, and design excellence.

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