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Vixen AP-Z azimuthal Mount with Slip Clutch

Vixen AP-Z azimuthal Mount with Slip Clutch


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Vixen AP-Z azimuthal Mount with Slip Clutch

The telescope stays securely in position through the natural force of friction, allowing you to effortlessly point it towards any celestial body without the need to loosen any screws. This friction-based design ensures the telescope automatically remains fixed once aligned. The AP mount offers robust and stable support for your telescope, featuring a slip clutch mechanism for swift adjustments to your desired target, alongside a vast selection of optional accessories.

Delivery 4-9 Days

Key Features:

  • Azimuthal mount with precise manual fine-tuning
  • User-friendly and straightforward setup
  • Suitable for telescopes weighing up to 8 kg

Included with Your Purchase:

  • The Mount
  • Fine Adjustment Wheel

Technical Specifications:

  • Color: Silver/White
  • Mount Type: Azimuthal
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: Length 178 mm, Width 258 mm, Height 104 mm
  • Net Weight: 8000 g (without accessories)
  • Load Capacity: 8 kg

This system is designed to offer an uncomplicated, yet effective, way to explore the night sky, providing a stable foundation for astronomers who value both simplicity and functionality.

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