Vixen BT-126SS-A Astronomy Binoculars


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Vixen BT-126SS-A Astronomy Binoculars

The Vixen BT126SS Binoculars usher in a new era of optical excellence with their advanced design and unparalleled resolution, offering significantly enhanced detail for astronomical viewing. Featuring dual 126 mm achromatic objective lenses, these binoculars capture 300% more light than the human eye alone, illuminating the cosmos in breathtaking clarity.

Designed for extended observation sessions, the 45° angled eyepiece holders ensure comfortable viewing without strain. The holders are compatible with 1.25’’ eyepieces, making it easy to switch magnifications and explore a variety of celestial objects with ease.

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  • Objective Lenses: Dual 126 mm achromatic for clear, broad views
  • Focal Length: 625 mm, optimizing field of view and image sharpness
  • Resolution and Limiting Magnitude: 0.93 arc seconds, 12.3, with a light-gathering power of 324x
  • Dimensions and Weight: 630 x 360 x 200 mm; weighing 10.5 kg for stable, yet manageable observation
  • Adapter and Connections: Standard 31.7 mm clamp for versatile eyepiece compatibility

Included with Purchase:

  • BT126SS Binoculars for superior celestial viewing
  • Convenient Carry Handle for easy transport
  • Viewfinder Base to locate objects swiftly

Technical Specifications:

  • Ideal for: Astronomy, nocturnal exploration, bird watching, and nature observation
  • Product Family: Part of the Refractor Telescope series
  • Type: Giant Binoculars for expansive sky scanning
  • Optical Design: Achromatic Refractor for minimized chromatic aberration
  • Maximum Magnification: 75x, bringing distant galaxies and nebulae within reach
  • Angular Resolution: 0.93 arc seconds for exquisite detail
  • Prism Material: High-quality glass with full multi-coating for maximum light transmission
  • Coating Color: Blue, enhancing optical performance
  • Construction: Durable white aluminum body with dust protection caps for lens and eyepiece holder

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Length: 630 mm, Width: 360 mm, Height: 200 mm
  • Net Weight: 10.5 kg (without accessories)

The Vixen BT126SS Binoculars are not just an instrument for viewing the stars; they are a gateway to the universe, offering unmatched clarity, versatility, and durability for both amateur astronomers and seasoned stargazers alike.

Vixen BT-126SS-A Astronomy Binoculars