Vixen BT-81S-A Astronomy Binoculars


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Experience the wonders of the cosmos with the Vixen BT-81S-A Binocular Telescope, a tool designed to elevate your stargazing and nature observation experiences. Whether you're aiming to explore gas nebulae, star clusters, or the delicate trails of comets, these binoculars will leave you in awe with their clarity and detail. The use of magnesium fluoride coating minimizes chromatic aberration, while the generous 81 mm aperture delivers images that are not only sharp but also rich in contrast.

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Lightweight at just 4.1 kg and portable, the BT-81S-A set is also an excellent choice for terrestrial viewing, offering remarkable insights into the natural world.


  • Objective Lenses: 81 mm 2-lens achromat, fully multi-coated for optimal light transmission.
  • Focal Length: 480 mm (f/5.9) for expansive wide-field views.
  • Resolution and Limiting Magnitude: 1.43 arc seconds; 11.3, capturing fine celestial details.
  • Light-gathering Power: 134x, for observing faint objects in dark skies.
  • Dimensions and Weight: 480 x 190 x 155 mm; 4.1 kg, making it conveniently portable.
  • Adapter and Connections: Equipped with 31.7 mm sockets for versatility.

What’s Included:

  • 80 mm Binocular Telescope
  • Carry Handle for easy transportation
  • Viewfinder to locate objects quickly
  • Dew Caps to protect against moisture

Technical Specifications:

  • Primary Uses: Astronomy, nocturnal observations, bird watching, and nature studies.
  • Ideal For: Advanced amateurs and visual enthusiasts who demand quality and performance.
  • Type: Giant Binoculars within the refractor telescope family.
  • Optical Design: Achromatic Refractor for clear, crisp images.
  • Maximum Magnification: 50x, bringing distant celestial and terrestrial objects into close view.
  • Angular Resolution: 1.43 arc seconds, for detailed observation.
  • Prism Material: High-quality glass with fully multi-coated optics for enhanced image brightness and clarity.
  • Coating Color: Blue, reducing glare and improving visual comfort.
  • Construction: Durable aluminum body with dust protection caps for lens and eyepiece holder, ensuring longevity and protection against the elements.
  • Dimensions & Weight: Compact and lightweight design for ease of use and portability.

Designed for both the skies and the earth, the Vixen BT-81S-A Binocular Telescope is your gateway to discovering the infinite beauty of the universe and the intricate details of the natural landscape, all through a lens that promises unparalleled clarity and performance.

Vixen BT-81S-A Astronomy Binoculars