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Vixen Encoder for AXJ Mount

Vixen Encoder for AXJ Mount


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Vixen Encoder for AXJ Mount

Enhance your AXJ mount's performance and precision with Vixen's high-precision encoders, a game-changer for both casual stargazing and serious astrophotography. These encoders revolutionize manual navigation to celestial objects, offering an intuitive experience directly through the monitor. Traditional computer-controlled mounts rely on an automatic "go-to" system, necessitating a preliminary 2-star alignment for object location storage. Typically, adjusting the mount manually after using the "go-to" feature would disrupt the stored positional data, rendering the automatic search function inoperative.

The introduction of AXJ encoders eliminates this limitation. Now, after using the "go-to" function for one object, you can manually move to another object by simply releasing the clamp, all without losing the crucial positional information for subsequent automatic searches. This capability, combined with the STARBOOK TEN control's high-resolution monitor, allows for seamless manual adjustments. Furthermore, these encoders boast exceptional tracking accuracy, with a periodic error of less than 0.5 arcseconds, facilitating long-exposure astrophotography of faint celestial bodies without the need for an autoguiding system.

Delivery 4-9 Days

Key Features:

  • RA Encoder Sensor: Utilizes a reflective laser sensor with two pieces of refractive rotation disk made of glass, achieving a resolving power of 0.1 arc seconds.
  • Periodic Error: Remarkably low, under 0.5 arc seconds rms (typical), ensuring precise tracking.
  • DC Encoder Sensor: Features a reflective optical sensor with a resolving power of 0.2 arc seconds.
  • Power Supply: Directly sourced from the AXJ mount, ensuring streamlined operation.
  • Compatibility: Fully integrated into the mount without altering its dimensions, eliminating the need for a larger storage solution.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 2x AXJ Encoders
  • Mounting tool and screws for easy installation

Technical Specifications:

  • Designed for specialists, researchers, and advanced amateurs
  • Color: Silver/Black
  • Material: Durable aluminum and metal construction
  • Operating Temperature: Optimal performance between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius

The Vixen AXJ encoders represent a significant advancement in mount technology, combining unparalleled tracking precision with the flexibility of manual adjustments. This innovation opens up new possibilities for astrophotographers and astronomers, ensuring that the AXJ mount remains at the forefront of celestial exploration.

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