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Wanderer Rotator Lite V2(M68)


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 Introducing the Wanderer Astro Rotator Lite for Precise Tracking.

Capture Stunning Images of the Night Sky with the Wanderer Astro Rotator Lite

Ultra lightweight and low-profile

High Payload

Maximum payload of 5 Nm*

*The torque generated by the imaging equipment to the rotator must be less than 5 Nm. For example, if the center of gravity of the equipment is 10cm away from the rotator, the maximum weight of the equipment should not exceed 5kg.

High speed, High precision*

4.5 degrees/sec
After two attempts, the accuracy is better than 0.1 degrees.*
The resolution can reach 0.01 degree.

*After setting backlash correctly
Ultra lightweight

Only 420 grams
Ultra low-profile

Only 10mm
Only needs one USB cable

No DC 12V power supply required

*At least 5V 1A power supply
Zero flexure guaranteed

Patented magnetic design Absolute zero flexure is guaranteed at any PA


For users of altazimuth and Dobson telescopes

Wanderer Rotator Lite V2(M68)