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WandererCover V4-EC: A Revolution in Lightweight Motorized Flat Panels


The WandererCover V4-EC represents a significant advancement in motorized flat panel technology, offering a professional, lightweight solution that enhances any astronomical setup. It's designed to be user-friendly and highly durable, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Key Features

  • 12V DC Input Port: Easily connect the V4-EC to a power supply, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Power/USB Indicator Lights: Stay informed with clear, visible indicators that show power status and USB connectivity.
  • Soft Pads: These protect the lens barrel from potential damage, keeping your equipment safe and sound.
  • Built-in Encoder: Provides real-time, accurate feedback on cover position, allowing for remote monitoring of the flat field plate without needing to access the monitor camera. This feature guarantees repeatable positioning accuracy greater than ±0.25 degrees.

Enhanced Performance

  • Increased Payload Capacity: The newly adopted motor increases payload capacity by over 50%, significantly enhancing durability and preventing gearbox damage.
  • Humidity Control: In humid environments, dew can accumulate on the flat plate. The V4-EC’s built-in heating elements prevent moisture accumulation inside your telescope. With three levels of heating adjustment, it ensures the cover stays dry all night or quickly evaporates dew in the morning.
  • Automatic Detection: The V4-EC is equipped with an encoder that provides reliable automatic detection of both open and closed positions. This feature allows WandererCover to automatically detect obstacles and adjust the cover position accordingly, even when you are not present.

Technological Advancements

  • ASCOM Driver: The new all-in-one driver enhances user experience by automatically identifying and connecting to the device model. It supports both automatic and manual port selection and can manage multiple device connections simultaneously.
  • Dimming Controller: The updated controller doubles the PWM dimming frequency to reduce banding, with 255 levels of dimming available to meet the needs of most flat-field shooting scenarios.


Discover detailed specifications and dimensions that showcase the robust capabilities of the WandererCover V4-EC, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding astronomers.


Explore a collection of images that highlight the sleek design and operational prowess of the V4-EC.

Professional lightweight motorized flat panel

WandererAstro Motorised Flat Panel