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Elevate your electronic setup with our compact power distribution module, designed to cater to a wide range of power needs with precision and safety. Our module includes:

  • A normally open DC output, providing straightforward connectivity for your devices.

  • A 5-13.2V regulator output, adaptable to various devices, ensuring a stable power supply even when input voltage fluctuates.

  • A PWM (dew heater) output, versatile enough to serve as a standard switch, tailored for environmental control or simple on/off applications.

  • A unique setup of three parallel DC switch outputs, offering consolidated control over multiple devices.

Our module is engineered for efficiency, supporting DC5525 input up to 12V 10A, ensuring robust power delivery for demanding applications.

Connectivity extends to USB devices with two USB3.1 and three USB2.0 ports, complemented by a built-in 12V-5V step-down module. This configuration allows for a maximum continuous current of 5A, with the added convenience of globally switchable USB ports.

The built-in 5-13.2V regulator guarantees a steady power supply, especially crucial for sensitive equipment like cameras, with the ability to easily manage input voltage changes. Adjustable voltage settings meet the diverse needs of various devices, ensuring optimal performance.

Environmental monitoring is streamlined with an included DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and one temperature probe, standard accessories designed for immediate use without additional purchases.

Our intelligent dew heater control offers manual, constant temperature, and dew point temperature difference modes, providing precise environmental adjustments for optimal device performance.

Safety is a cornerstone of our design, with electrophoresis, short circuit, overcurrent, and electrostatic protections in place. These features safeguard both the WandererBox and connected devices, maximizing security.

The module also features input voltage and current monitoring, with support for automatic reading calibration, ensuring accurate and reliable power management.

Despite its powerful capabilities, the module boasts a compact size of 8.6×6.5×2.6cm and a lightweight design at just 150g. It is equipped with one M6 and four M4 threaded holes on the bottom for easy installation.

Power indicator lights provide immediate feedback on the working status, making it easy to monitor the system at a glance.

This module is an essential addition for anyone looking to streamline their power distribution with a compact, powerful, and safety-conscious solution.

Normally open DC output*1 5-13.2V regulator output*1 PWM (dew heater) output*1 (can also be used as an ordinary switch) 3 parallel DC switch output*1
DC5525 input supports up to 12V 10A

Built-in 12V-5V step-down module Maximum 5A continuous current USB ports can be switched on/off together

The 5-13.2V regulator (can be turned off) easily copes with input voltage changes and ensures stable power supply to the camera

Adjustable voltage meets the requirements of different devices
1*DHT22 temperature & humidity sensor 1*temperature probe
(Standard accessories, no additional purchases required)
Intelligent and efficient dew heater control:
Manual mode
Constant temperature mode
Dew point temperature difference mode
Electrophoresis protection
Short circuit protection
Overcurrent protection
Electrostatic protection
Maximize the security of WandererBox itself and connected devices

Input voltage and current monitoring Supports automatic reading calibration

Size 8.6×6.5×2.6cm Weighs only 150g One M6 and four M4 threaded holes on the bottom

With power indicator lights
The working status is clear at a glance

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WandererBox PLUS V3