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Boost your power connectivity with our advanced power distribution hub, featuring an extensive array of output ports designed to meet the needs of diverse electronic devices. Our hub includes:

  • A dedicated 19V 6A output port, perfectly tailored for mini PCs like Intel NUCs, ensuring they have the power they need for intensive tasks like image preprocessing.

  • Two versatile 5-13.2V 5A switchable regulated outputs, adaptable for various devices, allowing for stable power supply regardless of input voltage fluctuations.

  • Three PWM (dew heater) output ports, which double as switchable 12V outputs, providing flexibility for your power needs.

  • Four standard 12V switchable output ports, along with one normally open 12V output, offering ample connectivity options.

Connectivity extends to USB devices as well, with three USB3.1 and six USB2.0 ports, supported by a built-in 12V-5V step-down module to ensure a maximum continuous current of 6A with switchable functionality.

Environmental monitoring is also covered, thanks to the included DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and three temperature probes, all standard accessories requiring no additional purchases.

Dew heater control is sophisticated, offering three independent modes: dew point temperature difference mode, constant temperature mode, and manual mode, ensuring precise temperature management.

Our power hub's built-in 5-13.2V regulator efficiently handles input voltage changes, providing a stable power supply, particularly beneficial for camera equipment. This feature, combined with adjustable voltage settings, caters to the diverse requirements of different devices.

The hub boasts a peak power supply over 120W and is designed to support high power consumption tasks seamlessly. With a maximum input current of 18A, it is equipped with a powerful cooling fan that activates based on power consumption, featuring a small magnetic silent fan to minimize vibration.

Safety is paramount, with protections against electrophoresis, short circuits, overcurrent, and electrostatic discharge, ensuring both the WandererBox and connected devices are securely protected.

Monitoring capabilities include input voltage and current, 19V output current, and the 5-13.2V regulator output current, with support for current reading calibration.

Aesthetic and functional indicators for 19V, 12V, and 5V power statuses make it easy to monitor working conditions at a glance.

Moreover, the hub offers extensive customization options, including switch mode, switch name, USB device name, and dew heater mode, allowing for a tailored power management experience.

Elevate your power distribution setup with our feature-packed hub, engineered for efficiency, safety, and customization.

g multifunctional power distributor + USB3.1 controller


Total 10 power output ports: 19V 6A output port for mini PC*1 5-13.2V 5A switchable regulated output*2
PWM(dew heater) output port*3 (Can also be set as ordinary switchable 12V output)
Ordinary 12V switchable output port*4 Normally open 12V output*1

Built-in 12V-5V step-down module Maximum 6A continuous current USB switchable
1*DHT22 temperature & humidity sensor 3*temperature probes
(Standard accessories, no additional purchases required)
3 dew heaters independent control: Dew point temperature difference mode
Constant temperature mode
Manual mode
The 5-13.2V regulator (can be turned off) easily copes with input voltage changes and ensures stable power supply to the camera

Adjustable voltage meets the requirements of different devices
19V 6A output is specially prepared for mini PCs (such as Intel NUCs) 120W+ peak power supply Supports high power consumption tasks such as preprocessing for images
Maximum input current 18A Powerful heat dissipation thanks to the cooling fan which automatically turns on based on power consumption.
The small magnetic silent fan produces almost no vibration
Input voltage and current monitoring 19V output current monitoring 5-13.2V regulator output current monitoring Supports current reading calibration

Electrophoresis protection
Short circuit protection
Overcurrent protection
Electrostatic protection
Maximize the security of WandererBox itself and connected devices
19V,12V and 5V power indicator lights
The working status is clear at a glance

Powerful customization capabilities

Switch mode
Switch name
USB device name Dew heater mode...

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WandererBox Pro V3