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Warpastron WD-20 Harmonic Drive Mount

Warpastron WD-20 Harmonic Drive Mount


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Introducing the WARPDRIVE WD-20, a revolutionary harmonic drive mount designed for unparalleled precision and performance in astrophotography. Engineered by WarpAstron, the WD-20 features cutting-edge Servo Direct Drive technology, eliminating the need for additional reducers and thus reducing assembly errors and backlash.

With a load capacity of up to 50NM or 22kg at 25cm from the RA axis without a counterweight, it can easily handle equipment like 6-inch APO refractors and C11 telescopes. Its innovative design ensures an average guiding accuracy within 0.5" RMS, making it ideal for demanding outdoor astrophotography. Despite its robust capabilities, the WD-20 maintains a lightweight profile at just 5.4kg, thanks to a newly designed main body with a high power density servo motor. This mount is not just about power; it's about precision, efficiency, and reliability for both amateur and professional astronomers seeking the best in their astrophotography ventures.

  • High-Load Capacity: It can handle a standard load of up to 50NM without requiring a counterweight, making it suitable for supporting heavy astronomical equipment such as 130APO, 150APO, or C11 telescopes. This capability allows for the use of high-end optics for advanced observational or imaging purposes, ensuring stability and reducing the need for additional support equipment.

  • Servo Direct Drive: The use of Servo Direct Drive technology indicates a direct connection between the servo motor and the mount, eliminating the need for gears or belts. This results in improved accuracy, reduced backlash, and smoother operation, which are crucial for astrophotography where precise movements and tracking are essential.

  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Despite its high load capacity, the WD-20 maintains a relatively low weight of only 5.4kg. This is achieved through a newly designed main body that incorporates a high power density servo motor, enhancing portability and making it easier to set up and adjust in various locations, whether in a personal backyard observatory or a remote field setup.

  • Home Sensors on Both Axes: The inclusion of home sensors on both axes enhances the convenience for astrography, especially in remote control or automated observatory environments. These sensors allow for precise positioning and easy recalibration of the mount, ensuring that it can return to a known position automatically. This feature is particularly beneficial for long-duration astrophotography sessions, where precise tracking and alignment over several hours are necessary.

Overall, the WD-20 harmonic drive mount is engineered with a focus on providing a high-performance, convenient, and versatile platform for serious amateur astronomers and professionals who require reliable, precise, and easy-to-use mounting solutions for their telescopes and astrography equipment. Its design addresses several common challenges in astrophotography, such as the need for high load capacity without excessive weight, precision tracking, and ease of remote operation.

Manufacturers warranty period is 3 years.

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