ZWO ASI1600MM-PRO Cooled Camera Bundle


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ZWO ASI1600MM-PRO COOLED Deep Sky Imaging Camera with EFW 8, 1.25" RGBL Filter Set & 1.25" Ha, SII, OIII 7nm Filter Set BUNDLE

The new PRO version of this popular camera is now packed with a DDR memory.



Comes with ​​​​​​​2 years warranty


ZWO has packaged the popular ASI1600MM-PRO COOLED Astronomy Camera with their NEW 8 -position 1.25″/31mm Electronic Filter Wheel, their 1.25″ RGBL Filter Set and their latest development, the 7nm H-alpha, SII and OIII 1.25" narrow band filter set. These filters have been designed specifically for this camera to maximise the output of the camera. The RGBL and narrow band filters greatly complement this camera, thus making it the perfect set up for deep sky imaging!


  • ZWO ASI1600MM-PRO camera
  • ZWO EFW 8-position Electronic Filter Wheel, compatible with 1.25" and 31mm unmounted filters
  • ZWO NEW 1.25″ RGBL Filter Set designed for ASI1600 series
  • ZWO NEW 1.25" H-alpha, OIII and SII 7nm narrowband deep sky filter set

WHAT'S NEW: DDR Memory Buffer

The 256MB DDR memory buffer is the main difference between the previous ASI1600 “Cool” and the latest “Pro” cameras.

Whilst the original ASI1600MM-COOL is a perfectly capable USB3.0 camera, those who wish to use it via a USB2.0 port, can now do it with better success as the addition of the 256MB DDR3 memory buffer means more stable data transfer even at the lower speed of the USB2.0 port, plus reduced amp-glow for the same reason.

WHAT'S NEW: Further Improved Mechanical Structure

The ASI1600-PRO uses 4 screws to seal the chamber. This structure has been fully tested and is very stable and reliable.

Even under high humidity enviroment, ASI1600-PRO still works fine and won’t have dew problems.


    The ZWO ASI1600MM-PRO COOLED camera is an excellent choice for imaging deep sky objects, however it can do much more than that. With a max framerate of 23 FPS this camera can also be used as an extremely high resolution planetary imager. If you cannot decide if your thing is deep sky or planetary imaging, go for this camera. It is also a much more affordable alternative to converting a DSLR.

    The ASI1600 features a built-in 12bit ADC, but can also provide 12.5 stops dynamic range which is even better than the competing KAF8300 sensor dew to its super low read noise, so it could be a good alternative to much more expensive professional CCD cameras.

    This version also comes with built-in active cooling that helps to reduce electronic noise to the minimum.

    ZWO developed four versions with the same large 4/3" sensor (21.9mm diagonal):

    Colour or monochrome and cooled or uncooled.

    Now you will have to decide whether you want a simple solution and go for a one shot COLOUR CAMERA or would like to get more data out your camera and go for the MONOCHROME version. If you would mainly use it as a deep sky imager camera, we'd also recommend to go for the COOLED version, but if you cannot afford or you'd be mainly using it as a very high resolution planetary imager, then go for the UNCOOLED version.

    This product listing is for the COOLED MONOCHROME version of the ASI1600.

    Here are links to all currently available versions:

    ASI1600MC: UNCOOLED COLOUR VERSION (the deep sky imaging astronomer's quick tool)

    ASI1600MM: UNCOOLED MONOCHROME VERSION (the deep sky imaging astronomer's ultimate tool if you have lots of spare time)

    ASI1600MM-PRO: COOLED MONOCHROME VERSION (the deep sky imaging astronomer's ultimate tool for very best images if you have lots of spare time)

    Why not to try L-RGB or narrow band photography with the monochrome version of this camera, the ZWO ASI1600MM or ZWO ASI1600MM-PRO.
    If you are not in rush, but you'd like to get out the best result from your camera, this monochrome version is the right choice for you, although if you are on a tight budget, you could also consider the UNCOOOLED version instead.

    Consider that with this monochrome version you'll also need a filter wheel and a set of L-RGB filters or H-alpha and OIII filters, and maybe even H-beta and SII filters as well for narrow band photography...

    To choose the right bundle with the right sized filters and filter wheel, please read the following section...


    Please note that the sensor diagonal size is very close to the internal clear aperture of a 1.25" filter, therefore with very fast telescopes or if you will use the camera with a fast photographic lens, telephoto lens etc. there might be vignetting. (lens with small f-ratio: photographers call it a fast lens because it takes less time to achieve the same brightness of the image)

    The limiting focal ratio with the ZWO manual filter wheel depends on the thickness of the filter glass and its clear aperture. The latter is usually 24 or 26mm for 1.25" filters. The cheaper ZWO LRGB filters that were developed for planetary imaging have 24mm clear aperture, but fortunately, the new LRGB filter that were developed for the ASI1600MM and ASI1600MM-PRO COOLED cameras have 26mm clear aperture...

    Earlier calculations were approximate figures as those were based on assumptions rather that precise measurements as at that time we did not yet have the new filters and electronic filter wheels in stock.

    We have now took some measurements and recalculated the limiting f-ratio and to our surprise the results are much better, there will be much less vignetting.

    limiting focal ratio= (filter to sensor distance + thickness of filter) / (filter clear aperture - sensor diagonal size)

    Calculation for a 1.25" filter with 2mm glass (EFWMini or EFW 8*1.25"/31mm)

    (8.4mm + 6.5mm + 2mm + maybe 2mm more due to the cell) / (26mm - 21.9mm) = f/4.6

    (f/4.85 with 3mm glass and f/5.1 with 4mm glass)

    good for a fast newtonian at f/5 or SCT at f/6.3

    Calculation for a 31mm filter with 2mm glass (EFWMini or EFW 8*1.25"/31mm):

    (8.4mm + 6.5mm + 2mm) / (28mm - 21.9mm) = f/2.8

    (f/2.94 with 3mm glass and f/3.1 with 4mm glass)

    this would be good for a fast Newtonian or APO at f/4 or even faster...or to be used with a telephoto lens at f/2.8 or slower

    Calculation for a 36mm filter with 2mm glass (EFW 7*36mm):

    (8.5mm + 6.5mm +2mm) / (35mm - 21.9mm) = f/1.3

    (f/1.38 with 3mm glass and f/1.45 with 4mm filter glass)

    so this would be good for imaging with a really fast dSLR camera lens at f/1.4 (or slower) or maybe even with a really large SCT with a Hyperstar at f/2 (wouldn't make sense for a 8", 9.25" or maybe not even for 11" SCT to use a filter wheel in front position with a Hyperstar, but I could imagine a 14" SCT with a Hyperstar in that sort of configuration...although for any Hyperstar we would usually recommend Starizona's own filter drawer instead of a filter wheel...

    Please get in contact if you need any help with choosing the right kit...

    Features of the NEW ZWO ASI1600MM-PRO

    Recommended for Deep Sky Imaging as well as the Sun, Moon and planets at very high resolution (the monochrome version is better for the Sun)
    (To image the Sun you'll have to use a proper front solar filter or Herschel wedge depending on your telescope. Please contact us if not sure!)
    Resolution: 16MPixel 4656X3520 at up to 23fps
    Pixel Size: 3.8µm
    Exposure range: 32µs - 2000s!
    Read Noise: 1.2e @ 30dB gain
    Full Well: 20ke
    ADC: 12 bit
    Cooling: 40 - 45 degrees below ambient (obviously, only on cooled versions)
    Standard Autoguider Port
    Built-in RAW mode and Grey mode output support. Only about 30% storage space required compared to the Color data format!
    Peak Quantum Efficiency: appr. 60% or above
    Full aluminum housing with standard 2" interface
    M42X0.75 internal thread.


    On the included CD you'll find drivers and two software applications: Firecapture and SharpCap. These are both freeware and the latest versions can be downloaded from the developers' websites.
    If you have any problem with installing any of the software from the CD, please download them from here:
    Firecapture Beta Downloads
    SharpCap Downloads
    We'd recommend to always use the beta version of Firecapture, but reverse to the latest stable version if you experience problems.


    Here you can download a pdf file that will guide you through ZWO ASI camera troubleshooting. Click here!


    due to the large sensor size, the usual 150 degree wide lens IS NOT included as it is not compatible, but there might be some other compatible lenses that would work with this camera. If you know about such lens, please let us know, so that we can share it with other users as well.




    If you are having any trouble with the cooling, please check out the following page on the manufacturer's website before contacting us: 

    Click here: Why the cooler does not work?


    Specification of ZWO ASI1600MM-PRO

    Camera technical details

    Sensor: 4/3″ CMOS
    Diagonal: 21.9mm
    Resolution: 16Mega Pixels 4656×3520
    Pixel Size: 3.8µm
    Max FPS at full resolution :23FPS
    Exposure Range: 32µs-2000s
    Read Noise: 1.2e @30db gain
    QE peak: TBD
    Full well: 20ke
    Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
    Adaptor: 2″ / 1.25″ / M42X0.75
    Protect window:AR window
    Dimensions: 78mm Diameter
    Weight: 410g
    Back Focus Distance: 6.5mm
    Cooling: Regulated Two Stage TEC
    Delta T: 40-45 below ambient
    Cooler Power consumption: 12V at 2A Max

    Supported resolution

    12Bit ADC
    4656×3520 14.7fps
    3840×2160 23.1fps
    1920×1680 32.9fps
    1280×960 47.1fps
    640×480 80.4fps
    320×240 124.4fps

    10Bit ADC
    4656×3520 23fps
    3840×2160 36.2fps
    1920×1680 57.7fps
    1280×960 73.6fps
    640×480 125.7fps
    320×240 192.4fps

    more resolutions are user defined

    Mechanical Connections Schematic

    1. M43-T2 adapter 

    2. EOS-T2 adapter 

    3. 2”Filter (optional)

    4. 1.25” T-Mount 

    5. 1.25” Filter (optional)

    6. M42-1.25” Filter (optional)

    7. T2 extender 11mm

    8. M42-M48 extender 18.5mm

    9. T2-T2 adapter

    10. EFW mini

    11. EOS adapter for EFW+1600

    ZWO ASI1600MM-PRO Cooled Camera Bundle