ZWO ASI533MM Camera


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ZWO ASI533MM Monochrome 1" CMOS USB3.0 Deep Sky Imager Camera (Non-Cooled)

We know that there are ways to deal with amp glow, but would it not be easier if there was no such a thing to even think about...

This camera offers exactly that. Plus really high quantum efficiency, extremely low read noise, comparatively high frame rate (in case you need that) and many more useful features...

So, similarly to the ZWO ASI1600MM or ASi294MM cameras, the ASI533MM would be an excellent choice for imaging deep sky objects, however it can do much more than that. With a max framerate of 20 FPS at 14 bit ADC this camera can also be used as an extremely high resolution planetary imager. If you cannot decide if your thing is deep sky or planetary imaging, go for this camera. It is also a much more affordable alternative to converting a dSLR.

It is NOW also available with a monochrome chip and it comes with either a two-stage TEC cooling or without cooling. This product listing is for the non-cooled version, which is available from November 2022.

Further down you would see that it's specifications are very similar to the ASI183MC/MM, however this camera comes with larger pixel size and thus smaller overall resolution. So if you would use it with a really compact, widefield achromat or apochromat, we would still recommend to go for the ASI183MM, but for slightly larger APOs this camera would be a really good choice.

It will find it's place somewhere in between the ASI294MM and ASI183MM if you are into monochrome imaging...

ZWO ASI533MM Camera