ZWO FF130-APO Telescope


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ZWO FF130 APO Telescope

Key Features:

  • 130mm Aperture and 1000mm Focal Length
  • Ideal for Moon, Planets, and Deep-Sky Objects
  • Dual ED Quadruplet Lens Design to Minimize Chromatic Aberration
  • Flat Field of View
  • Native F-ratio of f/7.7
  • Optional 0.7x Reducer for Increased Speed

The ZWO FF130 APO telescope features a 130mm aperture and a 1000mm focal length, making it an ideal choice for observing celestial objects such as the Moon, planets, and deep-sky wonders. Its optical lens employs a dual ED quadruplet design, which effectively reduces chromatic aberration, ensuring clear and high-quality images with a flat field of view. With a native f-ratio of f/7.7, this telescope provides a great balance between resolution and brightness. For those looking to boost its speed, an optional 0.7x reducer is available.

Built-In Camera:

The telescope comes equipped with an ASI2600MC Pro color camera. This camera boasts an impressive resolution of 6248x4176 pixels, ensuring sharp and detailed images. Its high sensitivity makes it a superb choice for capturing the wonders of the night sky. The ASI2600MC Pro can record videos and capture images in various formats, including RAW, FITS, JPEG, and PNG. You have the flexibility to fine-tune exposure time, gain, white balance, and other settings to match your personal preferences.

Experience the cosmos in stunning detail with the ZWO FF130 APO Telescope. Whether you're an astrophotography enthusiast or an avid stargazer, this telescope is designed to deliver exceptional performance and versatility for your celestial explorations.

ZWO FF130-APO Telescope